So desirable she is,
Her beauty knows no bounds,
If only she could see me
She’s mine, she just does not know it yet

I love the way she walks,
Down the runway,
And the way her body sways…
In a rhythmic flow
The way her lips curl in anger

If only I could tell her about the way I feel,
Perhaps I’d hear that she too feels the same…
It’s second fiddle now, I know this game.
Those quick glances she throws my way
While I sit at my desk near the window

Like the sun-kissed flower with morning dew
She beautifies all in her wake
I see her inviting looks when she hands me the files
I reach for it, hands meeting
As she peers into something on the desk, feigning interest

We’re going out for coffee later
It doesn’t matter that the rest of them will be there
I know it was just her shyness,
An excuse
She likes me.
She’s mine,
She just does not know it yet…


Author: nerishakemraj

Self-published poet, and fiction writer.

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