The Rainbow Rooster_ Writer prompt 16, Short story day Africa

There it was again. That darned colorful card. Splayed across her body, as if in ownership. A stunning blonde in a beautiful cerise dress, fills the back of the card. There would be nothing else to find on it. The others too, had only contained an image of the next victim. As she lay there, her empty eyes staring up at me, I pull my coat on a little tighter. I knew every feature on her face by heart, from staring at the picture left at the last slaying. This was his game. The Rainbow Rooster, he called himself, apt according to the image on his calling card. Underneath the tin foil, her naked body bore the carvings of seven little cocks. Each one, the color of a rainbow, and the details were immaculate, from the beak to the tail, indicating the passion this artist pours into his work. Leaning forward, I see something on each rooster, subtle markings that seemed not to belong there. Clues, no doubt, something different on each body. He loves to tease us, begging to be caught. I move my foot just in time, to save from tramping on the beautiful cerise, acrylic nail on the floor. Could he have been this careless? Covers open to reveal delicate hands, each of her nails painted a beautiful green. The card lands on the floor from a mighty gust of wind. Retrieving it, I notice the woman holds an antique violin, cerise-painted nails gloriously boasting her elegance.

Source: The Rainbow Rooster_ Writer prompt 16, Short story day Africa


Author: nerishakemraj

Self-published poet, and fiction writer.

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