Abandoned by Sleep…

Tossing and turning. My eyes close but I cannot fall asleep. I try. Sleep knows I do. But no, he won’t give in so easily. My mind wanders. Bits and pieces of images and thoughts wander around, inside my tired brain. For all the thoughts it fills with as I lay it down on my pillow, one would swear I usually walk around with an empty head. I blink rapidly, evoking him. But he only laughs at me. As soon as I feel I’m within reach of him, I jerk awake, eyes wide open. A sudden jolt and I lay there feeling silly. I take a shot at counting sheep. No joy. I may as well be one myself. Prancing around, so carefree. Except, I’m not so carefree. Hence the reason why sleep is avoiding me. Does he not know how much I need him? Or maybe he does, and he is revelling in my torment? I feel the clock’s ticking now, in rhythm with my breathing. Unable to hear it though, as my noisy thoughts drown everything else out.I wish there was a switch that we could control at will. With a flick of a button we’d be in dream-land. No need to wander around aimlessly, waiting to drift into the land of rest. No need to be ignored by him. I sense his presence, hovering around, mocking me. Staring at the wall I look around the room with perfect night-vision. Too tired to physically move to try doing anything else, and too awake to fall asleep. I listen jealously to all the snores erupting from around the house. What grievances does he have with me? We will surely have to discuss this. I close my eyes and then suddenly, there’s bright lights all around me, streaming in from the windows. The birds are chirping away noisily. Morning comes, uninvited. My head is about to burst.Image sourced from google.

Source: Abandoned by Sleep…


Author: nerishakemraj

Self-published poet, and fiction writer.

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