Untold Emotions

What was she doing? She was a married woman. This type of behavior was not for the public eye. And yet, she could not take her eyes off his caramel body, ripples – shining with sweat, as he stood- shirtless, much to the staring onlookers’ astonishment. She didn’t mean to spill her drink on him, but she was really glad she did. There it was. The red stain screaming horror, on his crisp white shirt that he now held in his hands.

“I’m sorry.” She stammered, “clumsy me!” She began wiping off the red liquid from his chest, dabbing fervently.

Their eyes locked and she suddenly felt drunken by the fumes surrounding her. The prickles on her skin told him she knew that he was slowly undressing her with his eyes. Her cheeks flushed a crimson red, while her eyes twinkled in the light. It was momentarily just the two of them in the room, to the amazement of the other guests. They would not take their eyes off each other. His hand slowly grabs her back, pulling her closer, and the wedding ring on his finger snags her dress, their chests meet and they seem lost in the magic of the moment. Each one, afraid to blink should it end.

“Ahem, Mr and Mrs Tyson, care to join the party?” The butler broke their spell, eager to have them in the spotlight while waiting to help Mr Tyson into a fresh shirt. Wide-eyed and flushed, almost tripping over each other, the presence of everyone in the room leaves them blushing.

Smiling shyly, they joined hands and made their way to the empty dance floor as the crowd held their breath for the newlyweds to open up the dance floor.


Author: nerishakemraj

Self-published poet, and fiction writer.

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