It’s never over


I knew her choice would be a dump. But no, “Little-miss-prissy” had to have everything her way. I don’t know what Dan saw in her, really. And now she had become a permanent member of our entourage.

“Leave the planning to me, I know a great place we could hang out guys, trust me,” she said.

Some great place this was. It looked like a strip-club to me. All that was missing were the dance-poles. As it was, the waitresses wore next-to-nothing. With gritted teeth, I scanned the bar – a bowl of peanuts sat on the counter where anyone could stick their fingers in. Eek! Flashing neon lights lit up the place, casting shadows that made everything look worse.

This reunion was supposed to be the highlight of my year but it was going wrong too quickly, just like everything else in my life. I thought I’d have a second chance but…

“It’s so nice that you and Dan remained friends after the break-up,” she said, “he really values your friendship.”
Taken aback, but quick to hide it, “Yeah, we’ve been friends forever, it only seemed fitting.”
A smile plastered itself across my face for the rest of the night.


Author: nerishakemraj

Self-published poet, and fiction writer.

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